Fantastic Funghi

What do you know about mushrooms?

Under the earth is a world full of miracles and secrets. They create a network that we had no idea about.

Do you suspect that they form an endless underground network from which everything on the surface comes? The fantastic and mysterious world of a creature that cannot be classified as a plant or animal, although it affects the course of the whole world, is located directly under our feet. They communicate with each other, they influence each other, they significantly affect the life around them from birth to extinction. What if they can answer the most important questions of humanity?

Award-winning director Louis Schwartzberg opens the door to discovering one of the most mysterious parts of the planet. And he doesn't do it at all.

Original titleFantastic Funghi
DirectorLouie Schwartzberg
ProductionElease Lui, Lyn Lear  
FormatFull HD / DCP
Runtime1h 21min
Genremushrooms, collective consciousness, intercultural dialogue, nature