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„Thank you very much for an amazing evening. We traveled to Bratislava from Dublin as the trip was cheaper than to London. The concert was an incredible experience. Thank you. Namaste!”

Deborah Ann

“I have not attended events with similar music before, although I have been to many concerts. But I can confirm that this was the most beautiful concert I have ever been to! I have never experienced so much love and energy on a concert before!”


Concert attendee Deva Premal & Miten

“A wonderful performance, an amazing experience, I thank the organizers and my children for such a present. I am happy I was able to be there!”

Magdalena Polačeková

„Thank you and I hope they will come back. I already look forward to it. Beautiful concert, so much energy and peace within. Namaste.“

Jana Kravariková Mifkovičová

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