Shade Grown Coffee

Brighter tomorrows with every cup of coffee!

Shade Grown Coffee is an inspiring story about how growing coffee in the shade of native trees in the tropics can have a truly positive impact on local communities, halt deforestation and protect critical habitat for wildlife - all while giving your daily dose of caffeine a better aftertaste. You will learn about the coffee-making process, all the way from harvesting the ripe cherries to preparing your favourite cup of coffee. Visiting the passionate farmers, roasters and baristas you’ll get rarely shared insights on the business of coffee, and learn how you can enjoy a more sustainable cup – and a brighter tomorrow. A documentary film for coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, “Shade Grown Coffee” aims to deepen your understanding and appreciation of your next cup of coffee.

Original titleShade Grown Coffee
DirectorsAlexander Kinnunen
FormatFull HD / DCP
Runtime1h 15min