Zrcadlení Tmy

An inspiring documentary film about awakening and free spirit of a well-known Czech actor Jaroslav Dušek.

A retreat in the darkness enlightened the inner world of Jaroslav Dušek and was followed by meetings with inspiring beings and places. His knowing that our world is only a projected reality, which can be changed, was strengthened through significant experiences, such as swimming in a frozen river, encounter with a wild dolphin in Ireland, meeting children who see through blinded eyes, visiting wild nature and joyful Maori tribe, discovering life of bees etc., all documented in the film. With his distinctive ease and humor, Jaroslav Dušek invites us to the world of inner peace and harmony, where worries and fears are overpowered by freedom and joy.

Original titleZrcadlení Tmy
DirectorsViliam Poltikovič
FormatFull HD / DCP
CountryCzech Republic