The Pollinators

A fascinating and untold story about transporting bees in an annual migration that’s indispensable to the feeding of America. And a warning that the bees are in serious danger.

Thousands of semi-trailers crisscross the country in the dead of night delivering goods through the darkness to stores, warehouses and factories nationwide. But some of them carry an unsuspected and highly unusual cargo. Honey bees. Tens of billions of them are transported back and forth from one end of the United States to the other. One out of every three bites we eat, the growth of almost all our fruits, nuts and vegetables, would be impossible without pollination from bees. A new documentary feature, The Pollinators, tracks the bees performing their vital pollination work all over the United States, captures the diverse beauty of the American landscape as well as the threats to the bees’ continued existence.

Original titleThe Pollinators
DirectorsSally Roy, Peter Nelson, Michael Reute
FormatFull HD / DCP
Runtime1h 33min