Mantra - Sounds Into Silence

Mantra - Sound Into Silence

An uplifting documentary exploring the new music and social phenomenon of chanting.

A feature-length documentary, exploring the growing musical and social phenomenon of chanting, MANTRA – Sounds into Silence shares the stories of people who are finding healing and a sense of inner peace by singing mantras together. It’s a film about spirituality not religion, about people reconnecting with their true selves and with others. 

As our characters’ stories about their connection to the music unfold, we meet the musicians who have inspired them and brought them together. Through these encounters, we will discover how the artists themselves came to this music and to the practice of Kirtan, and how, over the years, it transformed their lives too.

As we discover in the film, chanting has measurable, beneficial effects on the brain and in turn, on practitioners’ well-being and we meet people from all walks of life and from all over the world who testify to this.

With performances and contributions from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Dave Stringer, Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel, C.C. White, Mirabai Ceiba, Gaura Vani, Nina Rao, Charlie Braun, Guru Ganesha, Wah! and more.

Original titleMantra - Sounds Into Silence
DirectorsGeorgia Wyss, Wari Om (co-director)
FormatFull HD / DCP
Runtime1h 25min
CountrySpain, France, Greece, India, Russia, USA, UK