I'm not here to showcase my abilities or preach anything

I'm just talking about how I feel here and now

Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne is a charismatic man, who dedicated his life to artistic expression and authentic development of music. With his music, he explores an individualty of sound and opportunities, how cam sound create a space, which evolves creatively yet enables each listener to personalise it.

Thanks to his travels to countless countries and places, Estas Tonne feels close to many cultures without identifying himself with any nation or country.

He rather follows a principle of the world’s cultural heritage. His music is therefore a reflection of many approaches. A fusion of classical structures, Flamenco techniques, indigenous gypsy music, features of Latin and electronic music-lots of mutually blended styles, which one can barely notice, while they surprise you with their harmonious sound structure. Different in every performance, the melodies always come in a unique way.

Estas shapes his music through emotional expressions and a large scale of sound features from various musical genres. They merge a sparkle of joy from music, tension from challenges, speed of excitement and tenderness of the heart.

Life is directly integrated into his music through its immediate presence: technically, emotionally, acousticaly, electronicaly, dynamicaly and often invisibly. All these influences create a new sound and atmosphere during every performance.

Estas Tonne has also been involved in a variety of film projects as an actor, co-author and co-producer, as well as in countless theatrical experimental productions in which he played and improvised live.