We are all creators and parts of the divine art

Giita Rani

Giita Rani had been in love with music, while she was searching for her inner purpose very intensely. One day, at the age of 17, her voice came to the surface like a sound of a flute ready to play. And from that day on, bit by bit, she expanded her boundaries and ended up, where the song began. She discovered that she could express herself through music and she was surprised that people wanted to listen to her. And with that, her understanding of her inner voice started to grow.

Thanks to music she traveled all over the world and played on larger and smaller stages.

Today, her daily life is busy as a mother and a teacher and assistant of people with special need...her inner voice.

She called her first musical solo album Inner Kingdom. Layer by layer, song by song, the songs are inviting listeners to create a sacred place and a vision for harmony with their true selves, their inner sun. Every moment, whether short or long, when we touch the awareness of our soul, it heals us, strengthens our light and understanding of a true meaning of life.

In her work, she combines own compositions with ancient antique songs and folk music from different parts of the world together with intuitive angelic songs. These melodies and words awaken our root memory and healing. They remind us of our royal heritage. This is the essence of her creativity. It reminds us of the purpose of our soul on the Earth. The star, the infinite source of light, warmth, goodness and wisdom, was born in a sacred place in the center of the universe: in your heart.